Owned and Operated by Gary Jensen

Jensen Water Trucks has been in business for over 25 years. We provide a wide variety of services to our customers all over southern California including Potable water delivery, Fire (emergency) services, Studio services, and Construction water trucks.

With the arrival of MTV and Satellite TV in the mid 80’s the demand was high for quality water truck services in the LA area. As water trucks are used in the production of Music Videos, Motion Pictures and Commercials to make rain, wet down streets, for better lighting and other special effects that often would include explosives and of course fire protection. The trucks were well built and had to be reliable.

Jensen Water Trucks also services Ranches and Vineyards in the Santa Monica Mountains when private wells run dry and/or cannot produce enough water the during summer months or harvest. Deliveries are made to the customers storage tanks and once again dependability is a must.

Jensen Water Trucks also provides Percolation Testing for new septic systems as most of the Santa Monica Mountain area is on private septic system. Each new home is required to have Percolation Testing done before they can build. Jensen Water Trucks provides the water for the testing and we work along with the Geologist or Health Specialist that design the systems.

As the economy picks up, Jensen Water Trucks finds itself looking towards New Construction and Infrastructure projects. New federal and state laws are strict and demanding on the construction industry requiring more modern and reliable equipment for the job of service to the construction site. Jensen Water Trucks looks forward to fulfilling these needs with newer and better equipment as well as reliable knowledge of operation.